November 8, 2023

Make your Point of Sale design stand out: Strategies that will grab attention

Make your Point of Sale design stand out: Strategies that will grab attention

Looking for an edge on your competitors? In an increasingly crowded market, there’s no
room for bland or uninspired store designs. If your POS doesn’t stand out from the crowd,
you risk being invisible to customers who are shopping with their eyes as much as with their
wallets. To succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing retail landscape you need to
think outside the box and come up with original strategies that will make your POS stand out
from the competition. Read on to learn about ten proven strategies that will help you make
your point of sale design stand out.

Make your POS visually appealing

Good design speaks volumes, but great design shouts. Visuals are key to grabbing and
keeping customers’ attention, so if your POS is anything less than visually appealing, it’s
unlikely to be a winner. To stand out, you need to make your POS visually appealing by
adding bold graphics, bright colours, and large imagery. Creating a visual display that
complements the store’s overall look and feel.

Make it human

In the realm of captivating design, few elements hold as much power as the human face.
When it comes to point of sale materials, integrating the faces of real individuals can elevate
your marketing strategy to a whole new level. Whether it’s the warm smile of a satisfied
customer or the determined gaze of your brand’s spokesperson, these faces create an
immediate and authentic link between your product and the audience. Studies reveal that
human faces evoke emotions, trigger empathy, and even enhance memory retention,
making them an indispensable tool for leaving a lasting impression. Harnessing the essence
of your brand and the power of human expression to craft point of sale materials that not
only turn heads but also leave a lasting imprint on hearts.

Bigger can be better

Bigger is not just better; it’s bolder. In the dynamic realm of point of sale materials, size plays
a pivotal role in capturing attention. Customers can be so focused on shopping and other
matters that they can simply miss smaller stands. Larger towering displays don’t just
showcase your product – they command the space, demanding a second glance and
sparking curiosity. From across the room or aisle, their sheer presence acts as a magnetic
force, inviting customers to explore and engage. Don’t just blend in; stand out with our
impactful, larger point of sale stands that make an unforgettable statement.

Rotate and display your best-selling products

Stores that rotate and display their best-selling or most popular products create an instant
visual impact. Rotating products and creating a visually appealing display helps ensure that
your POS is showcasing the items customers are most likely to buy. Individual product
displays, rotating carousels, and print signage can all help you to showcase your best-sellers
in a way that grabs attention.

Use eye-catching graphics

Graphics are the first thing customers will notice in your POS. In fact, visuals are so
important that 81% of people say they make purchasing decisions based on what they see.
Using eye-catching graphics can help you to catch customers’ attention and draw them into
your product. Eye-catching graphics can help you to create excitement around events, new
product launches, or special in-store promotions.

Connect with occasion

A great way to stand out coming up to the Christmas period is to find consumer occasions
which are more unique to your industry to be more identifiable and memorable. For example
if you’re a coffee brand show consumers under warm blankets on the couch chatting with
relatives over a coffee or if you’re a bread brand show the consumer tucking into a hearty
leftovers sandwich. These visuals which connect to customer truths and occasions can be
very impactful.

Stand out

The retail landscape is a competitive one. With so many options for customers to choose
from, you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to be successful. If your point of sale
design doesn’t grab attention, it’s unlikely to be noticed. Your POS needs to be visually
appealing, full of engaging and interactive elements, and feature products that are in high
demand. To make your POS design stand out, you need to make use of proven strategies
that will grab attention and drive sales.